I’ve just been looking up the Canadian national flag, the Maple Leaf.

((very brief synopsis of events))

Back in 1964 PM Lester Bowles Pearson wanted a new flag for Canada, in part from the Suez Crisis in that Egypt saw the Canadian Red Ensign as a British flag but very much to give Canada it’s own identity. He was up against a lot of resistance very much from John Diefenbaker who saw it as an assault on the country and what it stands for and it’s history.


It was put to George Stanley by MP John Matheson to come up with some ideas on a flag. George was into drawing and came up with an idea at the Royal Military College in Kingston where he was the Dean of Arts.

He took the flag of the college as inspiration and placed the Maple Leaf in the centre.


That is the story of the Red Maple Leaf.


It was later made illegal in some provinces to fly the Red Ensign, but after much protesting from the Canadian ex-service men and woman who insisted that they fought in WWI and WWII under the Red Ensign, they should be allowed to fly it.

Whether your a Red Ensign or Red Maple Leaf or The Maple Leaf Forever or Oh Canada, whatever flag or anthem, we are here with you and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you always.


Happy Canada day.

God save our Queen and heaven bless, the Maple Leaf forever.

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