Happy Father's Day

I know I'm late to the party but I've been without good internet until now.

Here's my Dad, circa 1950, driving his Good Humor truck somewhere on Staten Island.

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He's been gone ten years. We had a rough relationship, but I treasure the times we spent on the road.


One of my earliest car memories was doing donuts in my school parking lot, in a blizzard, in his Fiat (don't recall the model but it looked similar to a BMW 2002, which, I think is why I later fell in love with and purchased a '76 2002).

He taught me to drive stick in his '87 Prelude, and I learned to identify most cars on the road during our weekly drives on the Mass Pike to and from Boston to drop me off at my Mom's.


Oh, and I distinctly recall driving to Rhode Island to buy a wood-burning stove (it was a 70's thing), with my dad and brother, in our '79 VW Rabbit. The stove was laid down in the back of the hatch, and I laid down next to it for the trip home. Totally safe.

Time to make new, terrifying memories with my kids!

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