Here are some Ferraris and other cool cars from Piazza GranTurismo last weekend / last month. Plus a few random pics of my car.

Car seat installed. That’s one lucky kiddo.
This was absolutely immaculate
$kay bait
Don’t snap and drive, kids
Stables. I’m so clever
Horse crossing. Much wit. such clever. very wow. Also, car is dusty AF
It’s red so I’ll allow it!
You will never be as classy as the person driving/being driven in this Bentley.
348, 308 x2, 355 x2
Insert beetle/vw joke here. This thing was seriously clean though.
Decent mix of colors. The Blue 360 left before I could get a picture.
I’m a sucker for wood wheels, prancing horses, and gated shifters.

T-7 hours until the weekend!

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