Drive safely because apparently there’s still snow in southern Canada.

Photo: Porsche Pressroom

In other news, congrats to Porsche’s GT division on such a stellar new car. Kevin Estre, one of the two factory driver who attempted the record, remarks at how closely the 991.2 GT3RS is to the 911 GT3R he competes with, though obviously not so much the RSR. Given the performance of the 991.2 GT3 Cup, from which the road car’s drivetrain are derived from, I’m not surprised but the achievement of road-relevance is impressive in itself. As for the lap, it was a given that they would use Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 N1s - a further evolution of the tires on the 918 Spyder trial years ago. While completely silly, it would be interesting to see how the time would differ on say the Pilot Sport 4S.


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