Happy Friday

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I realized today that I don’t follow the work dress code in the slightest—in fact I tossed my uniform in a bag months ago, and promptly lost the bag—but I’ve yet to hear anything about it so... Guess I’m grandfathered in?


Now that the holiday rush is done, I was reminded why I like this job. The good days are VERY good days. Three point five hour lunch meant I got to go practice archery, shoot pool, and stop by Dick’s for burgers. And I still get to go home early, woo-hoo! This almost makes up for that 16 hour shift last Friday on the wettest day of the decade....

How’s oppo doing? Any plans? Want to wash my car? Seriously, can we start a GoFundMe to get Svend flown over here? The Miata needs some loving attention.

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