One of my favorite photos
One of my favorite photos

Nice thing about being unemployed? Lots of time to prep for Valentines! On the menu tonight: Red wine slow roasted beef, roasted garlic red potatoes with coffee ice cream for dessert.

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On the unemployment front I have 4 job interviews next week. Good thing is that I am fairly marketable. My former branch manager will be a reference, so that’s great. It clearly demonstrates that I wasn’t canned for being a shitty worker.

Sad thing is, when the Western VP let me go, I had to go and tell my manager... they didn’t tell him that I was being let go. Who does that?

I ended up getting 6 weeks severance after some more negotiation. So I am trying to be very selective in what I take next. I want it to be a good fit. No more adjusting though, I am going back to what is called Claims Advocacy or perhaps changing into a Risk Management position. Lots of exciting roles out there.

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