Some of you may know about the power outage in the outer banks. This week has been a roller coaster of emotion as Mrs. Tripper, myself, and the dog along with 11 other hooligans rented a house on Hatteras for this upcoming week.

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A construction company that is building a new bridge severed some underground transmission cables two Thursdays ago. I heard about the next day, but pushed it out of my head over the weekend. Monday-Tuesday of this week it was a disaster. It was pretty much a definite that we weren’t going to be able to go as only residents were allowed on the island. To make matters worse the rental company was refusing to refund our money no matter what!

So we found and booked another house that had a 24 hour full refund cancellation policy in Emerald Isle, hoping to avoid the nightmare scenario of paying for both houses. Beyond the extra $, house #2 is not nearly as nice and I don’t want to go to Emerald Isle, I want to go to the outer banks. I’ve never been, and the waves are way tastier on Hatteras as opposed to Emerald Isle.


Wednesday it looked as if there was a slim possibility that we might get on the island Sunday or Monday (supposed to arrive Saturday). Tuesday it was 1-2 weeks for the fix, by Tuesday night it was down to 6-10 days. Wednesday 3-5 days. By yesterday morning it was 1-2 days and by last night they announced that Hatteras would open at noon today! So last night we canceled house #2, AND planned to go down a day early as there are obviously no renters from the previous week.

TL;DR we we’re almost out thousands of dollars and a vacation house, now we’re not and get to vacation a day early!


Most of the people that are going have been close friends since I was a teenager. I’m 32 now and I said to one of them, “Member when we booked our senior week house with most of the people that are going? Yea that was 15 years ago!” We’ve lost a few, and a few have drifted away from the pack but the ones that remain will drop everything to go somewhere cool and have a good time.

BONUS: Yesterday in a double left turn lane, I was in the rightmost and saw a 2 series flying up the leftmost lane. It was wet, and I thought in a German accent, “this guy is driving way too fast.” So he slides right into a Ford Fusion! It was one of the most tame accidents I have ever seen. The 2 series lost a fog light grille, but the Fusion looked unscathed, maybe he hit the rear wheel. This is one of those intersections where I am always careful because everyone is an idiot and can’t figure out how to keep their lane through the turn. Anyway here it is and Happy Friday!!!

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