Happy Friday! (Bonus Oppo Traffic Jamz)

How’s everyone doing? Any plans? Here is what was outside my office window!


I have a date tonight with a woman. This one is different than the usual. I’m so excited to meet her that I’m off and on crying with excitement. This is literally something that’s never happened before! I’m so excited I have to bounce on this ball to keep from freaking out. :)

Also new is our date format. Tomorrow we’re going to just randomly drive in a northwestern direction and hit up all the random rural towns far from home, try out their local restaurants and interests, then end the day cuddling and looking at the stars.

Even more exciting, she wants to be my Gambler 500 copilot. I mean, she straight up asked me if I was going to the OG! :D


Aside from my heart skipping, the weather has prevented me from painting the Suzuki for Pride. No care, I’m still going to have a blast in the parade!

Here are the songs I’m jamming out to this morning

So what’s up with you today and this weekend, Oppo?

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