Slipknot’s new album is out. It’s great;but not perfect. And I accidentally ordered three digital copies. Apparently, buying tickets to their show warrants you a free copy, being a member of their “Outside the Nine” fan club warrants you a free copy, and my numb nuts preordered it on iTunes as well. All of this was before I picked up a Spotify Premium account. My bad. BUT that means I have two extra download codes to give away. If anyone here is interested, they’re free. I’ll just send the code your way via e-mail.

Overall review: 8.5/10- A huge improvement from the Gray Chapter, but still no Iowa perfect. Not looking for an Iowa II, but Iowa is an 11/10 if possible. 

Unrelated news, I am missing out on Roadkill Nights in metro Detroit this weekend thanks to an engagement photo shoot I have to participate in. I don’t understand it. But this is my first experience of “happy wife; happy life”, so I’ll roll with it. It’s happening in Grand Rapids, Michigan (far from where we live in Cleveland...remember...happy wife: happy life), if anyone’s in the area and wants to meet.


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