happy fun times yaaay!

had a meeting at 10 pm this morning...turns out a whole bunch of us are getting laid off tomorow (holy short notice batman)


weve got plenty of work for all of us and then some (backlogged up the wazoo)

but supply side cant tell their arse from their elbow so we are actually only getting enough work for about half of us to stay on


those that do get to stay will be looking at more overtime....obviously

this appears to be an ongoing issue so the powers that be have decided to cut their losses and worry about manpower when supply finally catches up and we’re short handed again.


anyhoo.. at 8pm the bossman told me i dont need to worry(hey thanks for letting me stew on it all day)..so i guess im ok (but i know not to trust promises from above so we’ll see)

anyhoo...about an hour after being told half of us will be getting laid off coz productivity is too low one of the twat boxes from the office decided to shut the warehouse down for an audit... sooo from about 11 am till 4pm nobody could work coz parts werent getting delivered... on account of some knobhead wanting said parts counted...midweek..


i’d imagine this is the kinda shit that leads up to workplace shootings

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