Mrs. Snuze and I were up in Maryland at her parents and she made a big stink about coming home to Virginia to watch the fireworks from our apartment because it may be the last time we get to do it (we can watch about 6 different fireworks displays from our 12th floor balcony, including the big one in Washington, DC). The current plan is that by this time next year we will have bought our first house together.

We get home here a bit after 8, at which time she decides she’s hungry and wants sushi or thai. I suggest carry out but she insists we go somewhere to eat. I warn her we may miss fireworks, but she insists it will be fine and we won’t miss a thing. Well, we go eat thai and by the time we get home, all fireworks were missed.

The good news is I get to get up ridiculously early and drive the hour or so back up to Maryland, where I wanted to stay in the first place, to work at the shooting range. After we close to the public I’ll make my own fireworks! MURICA!

Hope you all have a great 4th!