In light of today's holiday I share with all of you a video I made last year.

To all the dads may your future be filled with adequately-powered minivans. May you find endless joy in coming up with reasons to justify the decision to turn in your two seat beast-of-a-machine for something akin to a child vending machine on wheels.

Having made the plunge this month, selling a 2014 Jeep SRT and purchasing a beautiful, sleek 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan in Government White - I too am finding many reasons to scream from the rooftop the joys and benefits of owing a minivan.

While children can, or in my case have, killed the joy once found in automotive, owning a human to share (read: brainwash)my passion with far exceeds any vehicle I could ever put in my driveway.


So to all of you in Oppo Land who have offspring - I raise a glass of organic 2% milk and say "CHEERS!" May you and your children have a long, happy life and may your road ahead be paved with endless road trips and truckloads of great memories.

Happy Fathers Day! Now, go get that grocery shopping done and maybe stop by Home Depot to buy something that would've never fit in your sports car. Minivan, maxican.