Well it’s just the start of the week, but I rode in my motorcycle this morning. We also had a nice unseasonable warm spell this weekend. It was 75 on Saturday and 55 on Sunday and I rode about 200 miles through the back country roads by me this weekend after I got my bike running again Friday evening. I was elated, I haven’t had her running since she sprung a serious oil leak late October.

Saw a gravel road off of one my my regular routes and shot down it. Parked ths bike and snapped a quick pic

On my ride in this morning it was chilly (high 30's) and the new gloves I bought this weekend at Cycle Gear stink. They are supposed to be Winter gloves (Winter in St Louis gets quite cold), they cost me $50 on sale and after a 25 mile commute on the highway my fingers were so cold they were literally in pain. They were also ridiculously bulky for as cold as they were. I’ll be going back to my older pair, they were good down to about 30 for my commute.

The stupid gloves!

Happy Monday!