Have an angry Frenchman to start your day. Inappropriate language follows.

Carry this around with you today:

I’m not sure if the best part is Lee Ving dping a bad German accent or Keith Morris at the end. This movie was filmed right after he left Blag Flag, and included some of the earliest shows for the Circle Jerks.

I have read him as having been very disappointed that the Circle Jerks did not take advantage of the “punk” boom that was birthed in the late 90s with Green Day, The Offspring, Blink 182, and the like. Even starting a few years earlier, new opportunities developed for older punk bands as their music became recognized. The Meat Puppets made far more off Nirvana Unplugged than they did from the entire rest of their careers combined. A lot of older bands started making money they couldn’t make before. Marky Ramone wrote that the Ramones were annoyed at what they saw as shitty bands copying their style becoming rock stars after all the years they spent traveling in a shitty van.

But a lot of that eluded the Circle Jerks, and Keith Morris seems to place a lot of that at the feet of Greg Heston because he made Bad Religion his first priority. Tough to blame Heston for that choice.

Sorry for babbling as I try to put off the start of the week. I hope your day goes well.