I'm back from my honeymoon, which was really more of a high-altitude party. We spent the week with my new family in Estes Park. We visited the Stanley, walked main street, and drove Trail Ridge Road up to the summit, 11,795 feet up. Unfortunately I had 80 year old passengers, so I wasn't able to take the road like I wanted to, but I still had a blast!

Our rental for the week was a brand-spanking-new 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS. Not the peppiest of cars, but the 198 HP 2.4l did its job of getting us around at such high altitudes quite well. The thing was incredibly comfortable, handled competently (for a midsize FWD 4 banger) and returned 33 MPG average. Notbad.jpg, Hyundai. Notbad.jpg at all.