Here are my stats so far: 16 Shots, 5 Drinks, 2 Red Bulls. I’m not drunk. My tolerance is so low that 2 shots make me messed up, let alone 16. I don’t know why I’m not. I blew under legal limit on a breathalyzer in the club too...though seeing as it was wet with the spit of like 100 people, eh.

The fudge? Every shot was strong as was every drink. Maybe it was the ton of shrimp plus the red bulls I had there. Idk.


Update: I Ubered home, my car will be retrieved later on. I have a slight headache but otherwise I feel normal.

I rang in the New Year by texting my crush and partying with a middle age trans woman who just started on hormones. Best NYE ever!!! Here’s to all of 2018 being like tonight!