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Happy New Year!

This was a big year for me personally, professionally, and automotively: sold a house, bought a house (with a car hole!), did a whole lot of associated fixing, moving and furnishing; took a nice vacation to Japan and a couple of road trips around the PNW and west coast, earned a significant promotion at work; lost a beloved dog; sold a 4Runner, bought a 4Runner, and imported an old Mercedes. I posted exactly 50 times on Oppo, including this one. Like my comments, my posts varied (ahem) widely in quality. Here are my five favorites: for the funny comments (A Thing I Did Not Think Was Real), the simple larfs (10 Horce Power...), the kindness of the Oppo community (Lost a good one yesterday), and my much rarer Kwality Posts (Why Your Automotive Subculture Sucks (amusing, if only because it pissed off some forum dwellers) and How to Import An Old Car Yourself (actually informative!)). Thanks for one more fun trip around the sun and see you all in the new year.


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