Happy One Year Anniversary to my Volkswagen GTI

Indiana isn’t all cornfields

A year ago this week, my 2000 Chevy Blazer took a massive, stinking shit in my friend’s driveway. To replace it, I somehow convinced my parents that a 10-year-old German hot hatch would be the perfect car to see me off into college.

The car currently sits at just over 170,000 miles, of which I am responsible for about 20,000. Despite the mileage and sketchy purchase story (which will be told soon. It involves a rooster,) the GTI has only missed a few beats over my year of ownership.


I have allegedly had a lot of fun behind the wheel of this Volkswagen, and are plenty more good times to come. I’m going to a more comprehensive article about the car soon but until then, what do you want to know about the car/my experience with it?

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