Happy Pioneer Day!

I realize maybe all of 5 people here even know what that is. The 24th of July celebrates the settlement of the Salt Lake valley by the Mormon Pioneers. The 24th of July being the day they entered the valley for the first time in 1847.


My family has a deep connection to this holiday and Utah history. My 3rd great grandparents were among the first pioneers to enter the valley. They were later called to California to settle San Bernardino (if you like your street grid system Bernardinos, you’re welcome) and then finally back home to Utah to settle the Bear Lake area.

On the other side of my family the Brownings were doing things in Ogden Utah that would eventually change the world through firearms.


I realize that no people have an untarnished history in terms of early western settlement and the Pioneers certainly had their black eyes and missteps but no one can dispute the contribution of these pioneers to the growth and prosperity of western states and Utah Truly has grown into a helluvu place to live and work.

I’ve always been a little jealous of my wife and her family having a distinct heritage (her mom emigrated from Norway) with distinct traditions and histories to celebrate but the 24th reminds me that I have plenty to be proud of as well.


That’s all. Just proud to be a part of Utah heritage.

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