Happy Saturday

It has been raining, which we need, but is also sad because no Sunchaser. It was 72 and sunny yesterday, so the Targa came off. I bet all you wintery Oppos are feeling for me about now.

 I have to work today. I am teaching a legal ethics class this morning for the local law school, I have a conference call after, and I am thinking about working on my Sunchaser mirror and weird window track thing (I have no idea what this part is called) this afternoon. I


think some of the plastic clips that hold the door card in are missing, so I guess I should take a look at that as well. Lastly, there are these little gaskets that go around the door locks that are missing. I know I have some, because I replaced the one on the trunk and the one on the gas door.

Even if it keeps raining, I can do that in the carport, and still spend some time with my baby on a rainy day.

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