[Update] Well, dang. Since our corporate offices are up north where it snows all the time, they scoffed at our snow day declaration. Never mind that the people here don’t have the experience driving on snow and ice. Forget the fact that we don’t even have the equipment to clear the roads or lay down sand or salt. Ignore the fear! Get your asses to work!

If you can’t tell, the red is in all the wrong places. Normally it would be

At least I had a chance to do some snownuts in a big parking lot on the way in!

(Yeah, I know, I should have removed all the snow before coming in. But it’s really wet and heavy and I don’t own a snow brush. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)


This is such a rare occurrence here in Baton Rouge, they’ve shut the place down. No school, no work (well, work from home if you can). I’d head in for work, but these bozos don’t understand how to drive on this stuff. Funny thing is, there’s no ice or slush. Just having funny white stuff falling from the sky is enough to short-circuit the part of their brains that allow them even marginal control of their cars. No thanks, boss. I prefer to avoid the locals when the skies get flurries.


Enjoy the day off!