Happy Sunday

I went to visit my grandpa today and he was very interested in my GTI. After thoughourly looking it over, and checking to make sure I still owned the Camaro, we went for a drive. He loved it. “I felt like we were going to take off!” He said.

Grandpa worked for General Motors for many years but he owned a few Audis and VWs before going to work for GM. Since then it has been all GM for the whole family.


Owning something other than a GM car in this family is a big deal. See the family picture below for verification.

So much Equinox. Oof.

But GM just didn’t have what I wanted for a new daily driver. I’ve owned the GTI for a little over two months now and I can’t imagine a better car for my needs. It’s fast, fun, practical, good looking, and Mrs. Trickjos likes driving it too.


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