Happy Thanksgiving To My Oppo Friends! Also An Update On My Talon

Since most of us will be enjoying time with family tomorrow, I figured I’d wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Daughter and I will be heading to see some family on my Mother’s side, and that means a nice little road trip in the Talon. That’s always exciting, except I’ve learned the issue with my “Phantom Knock” isn’t phantom at all. My timing map is rather fucked.


This will need addressed, so my trip will be a very easy one. I was doing a pull today and the weather was nice and frigid. Car pulled like an animal, spun all the way through second. Shifted into third and she started to party until roughly 6000 RPM and the car cut timing real hard and the CEL flashed. I flew forward in my seat and got out of the throttle real fast.

I’d instantly known I’d gotten some knock. I’d never gone through the timing map and clearly I should have. Thankfully, a very good friend is going to give me a conservative tune and I can go back to being safe. 40 degrees of timing isn’t exactly what you’re looking for on 93 pump.

Regardless, it was fun driving it for the first time in a few weeks and she was ripping hard until this incident. Luckily my knock sensor works very well or I’d still be picking up pieces of connecting rod from a hole in my block.


Remember to be thankful on this holiday! I know I’m thankful for reliable Mitsubishi electronics hah.

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