Happy VD - may you avoid getting them today!

Question: my S55 (not mine in the pic, but very similar) just hit 140k on the current road trip, and the trans is starting to surge near idle and make noises that make me think it might be on the way out. I didn’t pay much for this car, so I don’t want to spend a lot on maintenance. I had intended to wait for the Giulia QV, but without any firm release date from Alfa I’m not sure that’s too reasonable.

What would you get to replace an 03 S55 in a similar category (fast luxury sedan - or wagon) assuming the trans is about to give up the ghost? I’d like to keep the cost under $20k since I don’t plan to keep it very long at all.

I was thinking about a CTS-V wagon, but they are rare and manuals almost nonexistent. Plus I tend to have a bias towards German iron for luxury.