Not for welding titanium, but the brand name, if you can call it that. As far as cheap welders go, how are they?

So far, Princess Auto (the Canadian equivalent of Harbor Freight) doesn’t yet have similar models. The ones that I’m looking at in particular are the Titatium 140 or the 170 (dual voltage) model. What makes it more difficult is that there is no Harbor Freight up here in Canada, so that would mean having one shipped to the border and pick it up there. Does Harbor Freight routinely have sales or coupons to knock the price down a bit more?

I’ve been on the lookout for a welder for quite a while now. I’m not quite ready to shell out Miller/Hobart levels of money, and it would be nice to get something with fully variable wire speed and amperage. (Most of the lower-end Lincolns I’ve seen at big box stores only have 4 or 5 settings for amperage). For the money, the Titanium series welders seem like they could be decent.

So far, I think my short list is:
- Harbor Freight titanium series
- Everlast Power-iMig 140
-Eastwood tools Mig 135



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