I’m looking for someone with deep knowledge of broadcasting in the FM band (88-108 MHz) and specifically the FCC rules around it.

There is a guy with an organization who wants to set up a low power FM broadcast rig on some property that I have control of and swears it’s legal because it’s temporary. I’ve asked several times if he’s got a license for it and he says it’s unlicensed but legal. I’ve asked him about power and he said “less than a watt” but I don’t think that’s good enough.

The only thing I can find re: unlicensed broadcasting are the FCC part 15 rules and everything I can find in there says that broadcasting in the 88-108 MHz band is forbidden with exceptions for very short (2 sec transmission time/hour) low power emissions like for a gate opener or something, and that continuous transmission of voice is definitely forbidden. There is a further exception for very very low power (good for maybe 200 feet - think FM transmitter to play your MP3 player in a car with just an old FM radio) where one can transmit continuously.

So, my question is this - IS there something in the CFR that allows someone to set up a low power FM station for a few days without a license?