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Hard question, harder considerations

After my first month in DT Creators, I’ve started to mull over my options moving forward. After all, I can’t write in just one blog and certainly have to expand my topic set to include slightly wider niches (like motor racing). My problem is where.


Confident as I am of my skill, I also like to think that there’s such tight competition in the automotive blogging space. So far, all I can think of is a contributor role for now, with some special long reports, die-cast features and maybe the occasional racing roundup. Where could I do that, though?

I mean, if I’m only gunning for a contributor role, I reckon I can just ping Rory or Torch a line and say “hey, I have this story, can you run it?” but it does seem like I have to finish school first. Other blogs may seem less stringent but may not be “the place” for me to keep writing. Then there’s the pay.


How does it work? I’ve seen the monetisation on DT, which is...blah, but I reckon it is a bit steady so long as I push out content weekly or daily. If I was to do per-pub contribution or write for Jalopnik, at least, how would my setup work?

Jeez. I’m 22 (pushing 23) and just about to start my second year at uni. Part of me likes this sort of “work” as a way to earn enough cash for myself, but part of me still dreams higher. I don’t want to be an automotive writer full-stop, but I can’t be stuck waiting to land a screenwriting gig while missing out on a potentially steadier source of income. Guide me here: what options do I have?

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