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The text says “Elder Tigress” in Japanese.
The text says “Elder Tigress” in Japanese.
Illustration: poster WIP by author

Three things stump me here.

  1. How do I orient the faces of these two characters?
  2. What sort of art piece/cosplay photo will be most useful?
  3. Can I even do it as cleanly as the UFC does it when they get it right?

Because it’s not like I can’t do it — I’ve done a similar poster awhile ago. But unlike the one linked there, my newest idea is complex enough to need something more than Canva. Problem is that my MacBook Air can’t run GIMP or PS without screaming in agony.


Thing is, while I aim to nail the greatness of PRIDE’s posters, I’ll never reach the quality or impact. Still, it’d be nice to put some elbow grease on the design and layout to make my concept look as official and real as possible.

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