Hard to Find

I really like the 2014-15 F-Type Jaguar and personally the V6S rwd with a manual is the best version of the car. Oh and in convertible. But I can’t find any for sale. I find 16 and up for sale, but the early ones with the specs I want I can’t find for sale anywhere. I assume by now many people would be off loading those early ones for the new ones with all the new body styling cues and such. I know it would be very hard to find the one. Especially since I want the red stitching and red seat belts with the black interior and probably the bark blue paint. I also really dig this orange color, but it is a bit too brash for me.

I just like this body more than the new one with all the “angry aero” bits.

Anyway, not that I can buy one right now anyway, just looking cause I want to buy one and drive down to Mexico and join the Pub to Pub guys to Tierra del Fuego because they keep updating me on their trip and I want desperately to do something like that.


Well I just thought It was interesting that I can’t find any for sale nationwide (USA)

UPDATE: Apparently the manual came out in 15... So there shouldn’t be many used ones on the market yet. Damn

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