The Rally Van

Weekend started fine, went to work Saturday morning to take care of some things I wanted to get done. Then dad calls asking if I can let their dogs out that afternoon, sure no big deal.

So on the way to dad’s the van starts losing power, no idea what’s going on so I take it easy to dad’s. I pull in to hear it clattering obnoxiously. FUCK! So I pull the dipstick (which I just checked Thursday when I got gas as I always do), not only is it bone dry, but it’s rusted like I haven’t pulled it in years. Of course no oil to be found at dad’s so I let the dogs out, then limp it slowly to the gas station. I put 3 qts of oil in at the station, which got it barely in the “safe” zone. Fire it back up, still clattering, although quieter and drive it home. Once home it’s quieter, but still clatters if I get it over 2500, so the van is dead for the moment.


The Car

This leads to needing to drive the car again, problem is, the car has been driveway’d until I can fix a fuel leak.

This leads to emergency “find the car’s fuel leak”. Once I got it in the shop it didn’t take long to find it:

You can actually see it spraying in that pic

So out comes the tank:


Then clean everything up:


So I get the new pump installed, recoat the tank, and get everything back together. Fire it up, problem solved (or so I think). I leave it idle while I dig into replacing my turn signal flasher. Get the flasher fixed and go check for leaks, of which I find the return line leaking in front of the rear wheel. FUCK! Out of time to replace all the lines (which still look new other than this one 6" section in front of the rear wheel), I cut/flare them and just splice in for the moment. Leaks fixed, so I have a way to work for the week.

The New Van

Supposed to be getting the axle for the new van this week, so I ordered the parts to swap that. I plan on doing that this weekend, so we’ll be back up to 2 vehicles after that.

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