It’s only Thursday but today has taken a great swing at work. The press announcement that I was pushing for the last two weeks got picked up with a really fantastic article. Had that not happened, it would have been on my mind all LONG weekend. Now I can wrench in bliss. At least until one of the nuts on the transmission is stuck...

I’ve mentioned it in the past, but the only thing better than having a critical role in an aerospace startup is working on my car. These two things are life’s perfect compliment. Long periods of hair on fire excitement, actual rocket launches, and high-risk-high-reward decisions followed up by getting under the $950 Miata, the quest for the perfect road, and moments where there is nothing but me and the car.

I have my gripes (no job is perfect) but today is a good day.

An image of our satellite ship tracking data and a martini livery for your time: