So, I took a look at a Jeep today. Surprise surprise, right? ‘06 Grand Cherokee, 5.7 Overland, most of the options I want, color I don’t hate. However, in person, I found badly repaired accident damage. Basically, an actual professional did the difficult to blend paint. But the apprentice put the thing back together.

And they put it back together wrong. Not only that, but the accident is unreported. (Which in Ohio, is a misdemeanor ramping up to a felony depending on the situation.) Hood alignment dead wrong, front bumper cover alignment wrong, lower airdam not reattached properly so the entire air dam section requires replacement, p/s fog light has a major crack in the lens. Tow hooks also require replacement due to corrosion from the poor quality repair. Has two new headlight assemblies too, but re-used grille. The rear glass caps also have paint damage but that’s normal on these.

So now I am in need of opinions and suggestions. Mechanically it is sound. Very little rust, four newer shocks (Bilstein B8 up front and B6 out back,) no lift kit, major service performed on time by competent shops. The interior is in excellent condition. No buttons worn off, and the d/s bolster and leather is even intact. You almost never see that.

Body wise, it needs about 4 hours labor to fix panel alignment, new front air dam assembly ($85 OE unpainted,) new fog lights ($200 OE,) about $750 of paint work to blend it, two special screws ($10/ea,) and new liftgate glass hinges ($100.) There’s definitely no unibody damage; this was a high hit or scrape on one side and they did both headlights due to plastic fogging.

So what say you, Oppos? Go for hardball (and be ready to walk) or just walk?