Hardcore Alfisti Arrested During Raid For Relics In Arese.

You’re an Alfist or you’re not, is what these four German and two Austrian brand lovers (of age between 40 and 45 years old) must have thought when they went to Arese and searched the former factory terrain for Alfa Romeo relics. It was Wednesday afternoon when six men made an ultimate attempt at treasure hunting inside the factory gates, while it is still standing and not yet demolished. Indication signs were their primary target, as every enthusiast of ‘Il Biscione’ wants one of those hanging in his bedroom as a reminder of this mecca for Alfisti which is Arese.


Unfortunately for them, though, the Carabinieri of Arese quickly caught up on their plans. But the six men weren’t planning on giving up that easily, as they were full of Alfa-adrenaline and decided to make a run for it over the roof of their beloved factory. Three were caught immediately, but the other half continued their ‘factory break’ and what followed was quite an exciting, and equally funny, chase which eventually ended with all six Alfisti being caught and arrested. The stolen goods consisted of signs with the Alfa-logo or indication signs from the assembly hall which stated things such as “Sgancio generale” or “Sale prova motori”. Whether the gentlemen were eventually allowed to take a few things home, is not known. What is known, however, is that they’ve acquired a legendary status at the local Alfa-club, where the story will not soon be forgotten. Fun fact; these heroes of ours were escorted by the police in an… Alfa Romeo of course.

Courtesy of Autoedizione.com

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