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Hardcore Henry - An Oppo review.

I went to watch Hardcore Henry last night. I was at a special screening that included about 15 minutes of behind the scenes interviews and such and also this free comic.

I was concerned how the movie would be able to progress and keep my attention from the single point of view that it has. But it did and they pulled it off very well. One of the interesting things is that you only know as much as the main character does, a lot of movies will cut to scenes where the villain is setting a trap or plotting and you can guess what is going to happen, not so here.


The action sequences are similiar to a video game but are fantastic. There are so many brutal deaths and lots of blood. Don’t expect much of a storyline or a drama, its all action. Everyone in the theater got quite a few laughs from it as well. A lot of the scenes go for a long time with a single cut which is pretty impressive.

Word of warning: If you have any problems with motion sickness or can’t watch 3D movies, watching this in a theater is probably not for you. Out of our group of 4, 3 of us noticed a little disorientation at one point or another and 1 of us got very nauseous and had to close her eyes off and on to keep it in check. The whole movie was filmed with go pros and there is a lot of motion(running, jumping, spinning, falling).

There are some big things that never get explained in the movie but luckily for me are covered in the comic. I would highly recommend you see this in the theater if you are a fan of bloody, gruesome action movies.

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