For those not familiar with Miata hardtops, the rear fits around two so-called “Frankenstein bolts” which hold the rear to the car by way of a pair of latches. One of which is mysteriously absent in this picture.

There should be a piece of metal with a notch in it to fix that chrome bolt. There isn’t, so my hardtop rattles. This is a problem.


You can see here how the latch is “popped up” from the bodywork. The curved shape of the Frankenstein bolt helps pull it down.

c-shaped piece of metal? Sure. I can do that.


Little bit of duct tape and some bolts and Bob’s your second counsin twice removed. You can see the notch sitting under the Frankenstein bolt where it’s supposed to. The hardtop gets set on the bolts and then slid forward, forcing everything together nice and tight.


That worked great for a few days until I was able to get the *actual* piece I needed. Got a great price on it from Miatamecca on eBay. I expected it to be a take-off piece from a salvage yard but got a brand new Mazda part!

A bit of rubber conditioner on all of the seals and some white lithium grease on the frankenstein bolts to prevent squeaking and it’s all good to go!


Damn winter roads. That is one filthy Miata.

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