Hardtop Mazda MX-5

For Michigan’s post earlier showing very stylish louvers on a MX-5 RF got me wondering:

Could one take the MX-5 RF, remove the mechanize targa top mechanicals and fix the top in place and have the hardtop Miata people have sought while saving weight? In what way would it be not as good as a proper factory hardtop?


I would imagine there would be more risks of leaks, and one wouldn’t get a stylish full hatchback, as I would hope the factory would do (but probably wouldn’t, given current trends).

It would also seem difficult to do a good job of creating the fastback window that the louvers imitate, but such a fastback would be nice for more internal cargo space . . . but again, best if it were a hatchback, and, who am I kidding about storage space inside one of these?

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