“Oh this is another fucking Harley” I thought to myself as I approached it, but then I saw the magic number “9000 RPM“

Yes, this is a dual overhead cam, internally balanced, liquid cooled v twin engine that revs up to nine thousand. This Harley was, according to Cycle World, part of the line that was “by far the most modern, best-performing bikes in The Motor Company’s entire 32-model arsenal.” Surprising then, that it failed so badly.

This is a bike that doesn’t shake, a bike that was co designed with Porsche, has Brembo brakes and fat tires that grip, this is a bike that represents a modern take on America. A take that is respectful, but not nostalgic, of it’s past. A take that is flawed, but isn’t afraid to show it’s flaws.

This bike is the United States of America that we all love and truly envy, because no one else could’ve pulled it off. BMW’s RnineT? Horrible compared to this. The Diavel? A shitbox I say.


So it’s a shame it’s gone because it is a truly special bike and a truly special engine. As The Drive said:

“It was the Harley for the non-Harley rider that stood out as proof that the brand was capable of doing something different.”


It is also a shame that Harley is going away, because I don’t think any manufacturer has had the guts they had when they made the V-rods.


It’s the Harley I could drive with a full face helmet without looking like an idiot, for that, I respect it.