I’m ignorant when it comes to them.

Ended up buying an 06 883L and it needs its forks replaced due to it being wrecked.


Yes the wheels needs replaced too but a family friend had one that worked.

Can I get away with just replacing the fork tubes, re using the guts and send it on it’s way? Or is it recommended to just find a compatible front end, trees, tubes, guts and all and going that route?

Latter is returning little to no results without going complete custom. I bought it for 325. Like to spend a few hundred and flip it, or just keep it around.


Found these, judging by the above pic and those they look the same. Sure the springs will be different. I think the trees are usable, have to look again. Probably going to rip that windshield off, sell it and recoup some money for that. Going to do the same with the bags. I just can’t stand them, I guess it’s my bias coming from a sport bike world where they don’t have them. Plus they also help black out the bike some more.