$2500 Initiation Fee (That you can pay interest free over 10 or 26 months) Plus $200 a month gets you unlimited free track time almost every day. And it's only 25 miles from my house. And I just bought a Ford Focus ST. I can see my savings goals slipping away as I type. Holy shit. With reciprocal membership at MSR Cresson and MSR Houston. Honestly though, how did I not know about this?

UPDATE: Drove down there today, talked with some cool people. Gonna do their mini-HPDE tomorrow in the ST, the cost of which is transferable to the initiation fee, which I'm probably going to end up paying because this place is awesome. Drive whenever you want, shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns, drive dirtbikes, etc. Also they offer a corporate membership which should just be renamed "Group of Friends" membership where up to 5 people can split the initiation fee between them and then they just each have to pay the $200/month. So for $500 plus $200 a month as much track time as you want. Any Austin Oppos want to form Austin Oppo Inc?

UPDATE #2: Drove the ST at Harris Hill today with the owner Bo and it was fantastic. When they talk about lift off oversteer with the Focus ST they were not kidding. But I was able to get a good feel for the track and the racing line, and apparently I did well enough that Bo said I could drive for as long as I wanted today. But I almost ran out of gas and had a couple other things to do so couldn't drive as much as I would have wanted :( Either way I've got all the membership paperwork and next time I have a chance to go I'm joining. Got to talk with a cool guy there too DJ who was very interested in my 78 Volvo, I may end up trading it to him for a track prepped Miata he was looking to sell. Everyone I've met there so far has been awesome, if you live in Central Texas you have no reason to not check this place out.