Harry's Mille Miglia trip

I’ve said this before. But these vids from Harry make me wish so badly I could live in Europe and make these sorts of trips. You Europeans have so much crazy stuff on your doorstep, Australia is big and has stuff to see, but it’s not on the same level. You can drive 30 hours straight north and the only things that change are they drink a (slightly) different beer and spell parma with a Y.

Anyway. It’s a long vid, but a good one. Great insight into one of the great historic events of the car world, and he cuts it up to keep it interesting rather than just dumping his holiday to video.


In 2 weeks I’ll be on a plane to Europe for a 2 month trip. Hopefully there will be car hire. It won’t be this, but it’ll be something.

Ps. There are companies around the world that will rent you an older car, like an MX-5. It’s a win-win - they can provide a cheap service since they’re not buying new cars every few years, and if you want an older car, that’s great. In Europe I can only find classic and luxury car rentals. Not cheap. If anyone knows of somewhere that might lend me an old-ish Alfa or Lancia or something hit me up :)

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