Has anyone actually done a transaction on Swapalease.com?

Considering putting my truck on there, it’s an attractive payment so I would think it would sell. GM Financial does not allow transfers in the last year, and I’m at 14 months so it’s time to either do it or not. I’ve looked at swapalease.com a lot over the years, but have never known anyone to actually use it. I’m just curious how much of a pain in the ass it might be.

It seems like maybe they list way more cars than they will ever sell, and are just farming listing fees. It costs anywhere from 100-500 dollars to list, and 65 for a buyer to be registered to contact sellers. I’m not sure how much of an added value using them is. If it just simply connects buyers with sellers, it’s not worth it as there are other free platforms that do the same. But if they actually are useful in facilitating a easy transfer and handling details, then it might be.


Has anyone here ever actually used them?

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