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I have an iPhone 6. This is all you get when you plug it in. Won’t charge, won’t turn on. And Activation Locked by some Apple ID that we can NOT figure out, because teenage daughter.


After exhaustive talks with people at Apple who do a great job of sounding like they have a clue, I cannot get any two of them on two different days to tell me the same thing.

So here’s the rub: because Activation Lock, Apple will not replace the battery. They would also require me to replace the screen, but Activation Lock is the true show stopper. YouTube says that a handy guy with a couple of the correct tools should find replacing the battery to not be difficult.


Q: Will Activation Lock keep me from replacing the battery myself and turning the phone back on? (Assume phone pass code is known.)

Q: Does that screen image suggest anything other than a battery that might be wrong with this phone?


Q: Is replacing the battery in an iPhone 6 as easy as it looks on YouTube?

Q: What source(s) would you recommend for buying an iPhone 6 battery?

Q: Should I just shoot this phone with a large-caliber handgun and get on with my life?

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