Looking at potential father’s day gifts for me dear ole’ pops.

He’s got an ‘11 911 6-spd, but he’s always sort of lusted after the 911 turbo. I found a place in Las Vegas that has a fairly wide selection of cars, 911 Turbo included. Although the track there seems a bit bland (it’s kind of like a square that UPS handled) it seems like it would be a neat experience for him. http://www.exoticsracing.com/

However, given the choice he might prefer something a bit more exotic.

I’m just curious if anyone’s had experience with these types of places, and if anyone has recommendations. Something located in the west would be best, since we’re in Santa Fe.


I thought about some of the non-track exotic rental companies, but they tend to be in big cities (what’s the point of having a Lamborghini in NYC?) and I think he’d enjoy the whole thing more if he was in a controlled environment with an instructor.