Casually looking for a new jerb because I need to increase income and work is slowing down for the winter, which means I’m leaving early about three days a week.

Car photo to break it up a bit:

We put plain black leather in this. You’d think they’d have at least sprung for piping or orange stitch.

I did an application last week for a customer service position at a life insurance company and got this back:

AXA has partnered with Knack, a technology company that uses games to match people with the right job opportunities. Your game play will provide insight about your potential for success in a career at AXA and give you an opportunity to learn more about your talents.

Next steps
Please follow these steps within the next 48 hours:



Download Balloon Brigade: Blitz to your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet from theApp Store or Google Play.


Sign up for a Knack account from the game screens. Make sure you enter job code "CFX."


Play the game and have fun! It should take about 10 minutes.

So has anyone ever done that? Is there anyone in HR management who can tell me what they’re looking for with these mobile games?