Has anyone ever dropped a boat-anchor V8 into a modern car?

We’re used to seeing it the other way around, like an LS7 dropped into a ‘68 Camaro. But I recently got the idea of something like a 427 Tri-Power dropped into a Stingray Z06. I know, it’ll be more unpractical, inefficient, and slower, but I’m sure the installer would already know that. So I wonder if it’s been done. Not specifically a 427 in a Z06, just any pre-1975 ish production American V8 installed in a post-1995 ish car. I don’t mean those custom racing engines with 120300339 hp, just either stock or lightly modified pre-’75 motor.

Imagine a 500ci OHV Caddy in a Miata...

On a side note, I believe that a guy in my neighborhood recently bought a ‘74 Trans Am LT, I’ll try to get a pic sometime. I’ve seen it sitting in the driveway a couple times.


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