I’ve been recommended it by my tyre shop (I trust them implicitly) for the Land Rover Wolf wheels and 285/75 tyres due to their PITA nature of taking a whole box set of wheel weights to balance. It’s primarily for LGV and trucks, but I wondered if anyone has any first hand experience?

A quick excerpt from a manufacturers website:

“When the vehicle is stationary, EASYBALANCE lies at the bottom of the tyre. Then as the vehicle reaches 25 to 30 km/h, centrifugal forces start to distribute it around the inside of the tyre (at lower speeds the tyre unbalance does not cause any vibration as it is not rotating fast enough). If there is any unbalance, the EASYBALANCE itself re-distributes to counteract against it. If the imbalance point changes, the distribution of EASYBALANCE changes too.”