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Has anyone here with a new or late-model car downsized their tires/wheels from OE?

We all know that too many new cars come with big dubs on no-profile tires, and that these tires ride like shit, are more fragile and blow out more easily than Donald Trump’s ego, and cost bigly to replace. In some cases, you can even get a brand new set of wheels *and* tires of a smaller size and that will still cost less than just tires in the original size.

There is no benefit to them for the rather plain cars they have been equipped on.


For example, two people on here with a current gen Mazda 6 that comes with 19-in stock, the tires cost over $800 a set to replace, are looking for new tires that don’t cost bribe money to replace. Remember that there is no more MS6, and the upcoming turbo Mazda 6 will be automatic-only and won’t really be a new MS6 anyway.

The best part is that you can downsize more than Trump himself, three full inches, and have no problems at all. That’s right, 16's will clear the brakes on these cars, and will ride much better, cost much less, and will be much more defensible to potholes and shit.


Downsizing is usually done when using a separate set of tires just for winter, where the skinnier tread of a smaller tire size pushes to the ground better in the snow. But the downsizing can also be done for other reasons and with year-round tires like all-season tires or summer tires.

So, has anyone on here with a recent model car with these dubs downsize to normal size tires with real sidewall?

Because I sure as hell would if I ever got a post-2010 car with these ridiculous rims.

I made this slideshow of Tire Rack renderings of downsize tires on popular new cars. And apparently, Kinja doesn’t show slideshow images in the oppo page.


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