It’s the iOttie CD-slot phone mount. I’ve got a 6-disc changer that I use, but in which I don’t often change disks thanks to MP3 playback (same 6 disks I put in there over 4 years ago. And my 1G iPod still has the same music from 2002 in case you were wondering). Will having this installed still let me play back these CDs? Any damage to the drive? I have an iPhone 6S Plus in a Mophie (who comes up with these names? iOttie? Mophie?) battery case, so it has a fair amount of heft.


I like my current iOttie mount, but I’m trying to free up some space for that OBD2 widget or a display for a backup camera, and I don’t want to damage my CD player or have something that will drop my phone. The reviews on Amazon look pretty good, but I was hoping to talk to someone with real world experience with this widget.