I’ve been thinking about one of these for a while now. Now I’m just thinking out loud.

Current advertised lease offers for a the battery-only one are $249 / mo for a 10k lease, with a total of $4k down ($3k down, the rest fees and 1st month payment). The mileage of both the lease and battery range would fit within my intended usage.

That’s obviously for the base model, except for upgraded wheels (?). Add in the options I’d want (sound / tech / parking), add taxes, fees, scotch guard for the seats, gap coverage, and VIN etching, take out the equity in my GTI, and according to my math I’d be in at about $350 for a payment.

That would be less than my GTI, and would require $0 maintenance (GTI is due for 40k and tires soon). Seem worth it? Think the price will go any lower?