I’m not talking about beautiful or iconic cars. I’m talking about cars that genuinely moved the goalposts and put the automotive industry on notice.

Illustration for article titled Has Ferrari ever built a game-changing car?

When I say “game-changing,” I mean cars like the Ford Model T, Mini Cooper, Lamborghini Miura, and Tesla Model S. Each one took the world by surprise and changed the automotive landscape forever.


But I can’t think of a single Ferrari that actually made a historical difference.

For example, the F40 was a thrilling analog icon, but the high-tech Porsche 959 set the standard for all computer-optimized modern supercars. The F40 was a greatest-hits album, Ferrari’s Dark Side of the Moon if you will, but it didn’t change the game, nor did it influence the design of its successors.

So you tell me, can you think of a single Ferrari that, if erased from history, would change today’s automotive landscape?

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